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Choosing a suitable rug for your living area

Adding a stunning rug to your living room can bring warmth to a space, and also highlight designated areas such as the dining room or reading nook. The size, colour and texture of the rug is essential when deciding on where it will go. If it’s too little it can appear awkward. Select the wrong pattern, and you might wind up getting a rug that gives you a headache! Choosing a rug is easier than you think when you understand what to look for.

Wall-to-wall carpet isn’t quite as popular as it was. Nowadays it’s been traded out in exchange for area rugs, especially in the living area.

Area rugs look great and are often more practical than broadloom, but if you are going to use them, there are some things you will need to bear in mind that interior stylists often consider.


You can find different size rugs in retail stores, but if you’re looking for something to fit your living area you can always have one custom made. Based on which type of carpet used, it is not always that much more costly to go custom.

Colour and Pattern

Deciding on a patterned rug can be an excellent way to add colour and interest to a room with neutral walls and furniture. Likewise, a good rug in a neutral colour can be an excellent way to soothe an eclectic space. Bear in mind that a patterned rug is going to be better for hiding dirt and spills as a good rug is more likely to show stains.

For those who have a colourful room and want a colourful rug, then try to find something which will join and pull all of the colours together. The idea is to be sure they don’t fight each other; other wise, you will wind up getting a visually cluttered area.

Bear in mind that the floor has an enormous effect on the overall appearance of the space, so choose something that you can live with and will not tire of quickly.


Consider how you want the rug to feel before making a purchase. Wool rugs can add softness and warmth with natural substances like sisal and jute such as armadillo rugs. Silk is soft and lovely but also expensive and hard to clean. Take these items into consideration when purchasing.

Using More Than 1 Area Rug

To add a bit more attention or specify your space a little more try layering area rugs on top of one another. It can add a bit more colour and pattern, and it is a particularly terrific trick for seasonal decorating.

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