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What is the Best Feature Piece for a Garden?

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Decking is great and works well for entertaining guests. It can fit big or small gardens and works great as a feature to sit a nice pot on top or you can add it to your garden as an entertaining area in the middle of your yard. You can fully customise the colour and patterns, but you will need to maintain it to ensure the wood doesn’t decay or get too slippery.


Fencing doesn’t really give anyone the wow factor when you mention the word. Fencing is actually an important part to your garden that can provide you with a boundary for your garden, security and privacy. Fencing is expensive so you may be tempted to go with the cheaper options but ensure you are ready for the maintenance that is required. Having a fence will add nice feature to your garden if your let plants grow over it or drape down over it. Add some more appeal to your garden with plenty of colours and different styles which won’t limit you to a boring, ordinary fence. For the material used to design your fencing, a strong consideration should be put into inputting mesh tree guards to help fence off your valuable plants.

A pond

Ponds are a beautiful tranquil feature for your garden. They attract wildlife and offer a sense of serenity all within your own backyard. If you love gardening also you can add some pond plants in and around the pond however these are a challenge and are known as one of the hardest ways to garden. They will flourish in the spring and summer time right when you are ready to sit outside, enjoy the sunshine and relax. If you are worried about the safety of children around the pond you can get netting and grids to sit just under the water so everyone can enjoy the pond and garden together safely.

Adding a water feature

Not liking the idea of a pond and all the maintenance that is ongoing? A water feature is a good option and you can either make one yourself or buy one from the store. These are very relaxing and make for a good feature piece for any garden. You can get solar water pumps so there are no cords and no running up the power bill.

Flower Beds

If you are feeling creative there are many different designs and shapes that can be created for a stunning flower bed. Do you like the cottage garden look? Perhaps you are wanting a more Zen garden bed? You can create paths and sections with the garden and whatever your imagination decides to create. Consider the heights of plants when you are planting them as you don’t want the tall plants in front of the smaller ones where they simply won’t be seen.

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Consider a climbing plant

Climbing plants come in many different colours and forms. Most popular is the colourful and very fragrant sweet pea. If you put in a climbing plant, it will need to be trained with a support structure. They can go in pots or climb against walls or trellis and once established will add a beautiful feature to your garden.

Garden sculptures

These are for every person or garden. They are a great way to personalise your area. There are modern, traditional, small or tall, animals or people the possibilities are endless. Sticking to a theme is good if you are wanting to add more than one sculpture. If you like more fantasy type themes, then you can create a fairy and gnome garden which is a good way to get the kids to help out in the garden. More often than not you can take a piece of wire furniture from your own home and use it as a sculpture in your garden. This will save you money and time in the long run.

Outdoor fireplace

An outdoor fireplace is a great feature for your garden and are essential if you like entertaining all year round. From fire pits to traditional fireplaces, wood fire ovens, built in barbecues. Again, with materials that are of different colour and style you can create the perfect warm and relaxing area ready to catch up with some friends and enjoy a cosy night together.

As you can see, there are many important pieces that go into creating the perfect garden. For you, it is about prioritising and making sure you choose the best theme possible!

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