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How to Rent a Home in Perth



Perth is the largest city of the Australian state of Western Australia. Its population of more than 2 million people makes it famous for being the most isolated city in the world. This makes it desirable for many due to its seclusion. Therefore, the rental market is booming.


Lifestyle in Perth


The amazing climate is part of the Western Australian lifestyle, in which an average of 139 sunny days per year is promised. This makes it the sunniest state in Australia. Winter, on the other hand, has an average high of 18-19 degrees during the cooler months, while summer has an average of 29-32 degrees during the warmer months.


Rent is often the main expenditure in Perth. You can spend around $300-$400 per week for a decent 2-bedroom house. If this is the total rent basis, you may reach as low as $150-$200 per week if you share the apartment with someone. Landlords mainly enlist services of rental management in Perth to ensure that their property is handled adequately.


A person working in Perth typically earns an average of 103,000 AUD every year. Salaries range from 13,900 AUD, the lowest average, to 455,000 AUD, the highest average. The average yearly salary for a person working in Perth is 103,000 AUD per year. The average cost of food in Perth is AU$44 in a day. With a consideration for the spending habits of travellers, an average meal in Perth should cost around AU$18 per person when dining out. This typically is how the lifestyle in Perth is for its residents.




But how do you rent a home in Perth, Australia?


If you are looking to rent in Perth, here are a few ways to go about it:


Check out the listings of properties – Numerous online websites feature apartments and units for rent in Perth.


Property.com.au – They specifically will offer you units that you can check out for yourself via their platform, where filters are placed to aid your search. By identifying the location initially, all properties in the desired place will be featured.


Referrals – As old school as it may seem, the power of referrals should never be underestimated. Property managers often encounter vacancies now and then. While they can communicate advantages and disadvantages readily, you may consider this almost 100% reliable as you decide on renting a home.


Inspections – After COVID-19 restrictions slightly lifting, an open house inspection is now permitted. Map out the trail that you’ll follow to inspect as many houses in one go. Ex. Domain.com.au enlists properties with its features highlighted on the website. In-depth details as to how many bathrooms, beds, living rooms, bathtubs, land area, and the size of internal areas are provided. Just like Airbnb, property features, bond fee, description of the house, and many more attributes can be seen on every page of the website such as the map, extra outdoor space, schools nearby and neighbourhood status.


Most deals are done with an agent when it comes to the leasing process. Landlords pay agent fees for property management. Enlisted properties for rent are not hard to find online. Set aside some time to find the unit you may want to inspect and check it out.


While Perth is not exactly cheap, living expenses in Australia may vary considering your tastes. You may need to start at least with A$3,300 to settle in. Every week, if you’re a single person, maintain an amount of $475 per week for expenditures or $825 for a family of four when considering the cost of living in Perth.



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