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Desk chair that can help correct your posture

Working from couch

Technology has brought us mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and also brought us many diseases! Poor sitting postures have led to many diseases. How many children are also plagued by poor sitting postures? Myopia, scoliosis.

As you know, sitting on our spine is an unnatural posture. We have evolved from the movement of our limbs to our feet in thousands of years. However, our skeleton is still very similar to the previous skeleton because of sitting-especially a chair or chair-like structure-is the most recent activity. So, as you can see, those home office chairs are better for our spine, because they force it to return to show the curve it is followed by nature.

However, we are not used to staying in a half-kneeling position for a long time. More specifically, the pressure of the fabric on the front of our legs may be uncomfortable for someone. Since this is the key point of this important posture change, you have to take this aspect very seriously: so be prepared that the learning curve can be long-but, it will eventually come true.

Working posture

Having said that, kneeling chairs do have some benefits for certain tasks. Kneeling chairs are great for writing, drawing, and even eating. We tend to lean forward more because they encourage you to have an open hip angle, which will make your hips slightly forward, thus promoting an upright posture.

The kneeling chair, especially an ergonomic office chair used for work helps to improve posture and back problems. With a kneeling chair, you can stand upright and lean forward, which helps keep your back upright and correct.

However, it does put pressure on your calf/knee, which is uncomfortable over time, and it takes some time to get used to it.

Don’t worry; this will provide continuous relief to your back. This problem can also be solved by placing a small and thin pillow on the kneeling mat.

But If you plan to use one of these things to sit on your computer, or even just sit on them for a long time, consider some points:

  • If you sit on an ordinary chair correctly, you can get the same effect. If your chair has a recliner, the effect will be better.
  • Limiting your legs to one position, just like using a kneeling chair, can slow down the blood circulation in your legs, not to mention the increased pressure on your knees.
  • They are not one size fits all, so finding them comfortable is usually a problem, especially during computer use.
  • For some people who come in and out, they may be embarrassed; I personally prefer to choose to get up and sit down without restriction.
  • You can forget to walk around easily with your feet, come on now, I know you have been on the office chair, from one place to another, it is convenient, fast, and actually fun!

In the long run, you will find that an ordinary desk chair is more comfortable. You can properly support your back to maintain the natural curvature of the spine, which is the same as what a kneeling chair does, as I said. Maintaining a good posture just requires some support on the lower back, which is perfectly done by a desk chair. This is the only key to maintaining a healthy posture.

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