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Why Do My Pets Dig Up My Backyard?

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Animals are ruled by their id and DNA. But once domesticated, communication may be established because of the hints that pet owners get in understanding their pets’ specific type of behaviour. While their pets are driven initially by instinct, they Read more…

What is the Best Feature Piece for a Garden?

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Decking Decking is great and works well for entertaining guests. It can fit big or small gardens and works great as a feature to sit a nice pot on top or you can add it to your garden as an Read more…

The Green Trend In Construction

As stated by the World Green Building Trends 2016 report by Dodge Data and Analytics, green construction is finally becoming global and energy conservation is a top priority for most people around Earth. In America, the change has been driven Read more…

Homes Utilising Outdoor Art

Outdoor Wall Art   You might have observed that lately, newly built homes are smaller than what they used to be. That is due to an increasing number of individuals trying different methods on how to expand their living area Read more…